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A while ago I got a new boss. I was delighted because I don't like being my own project manager. Unfortunately, over the next year or so, I grew to despise my new boss, on the grounds that he is not a very good manager. So I got a new job! With a boss who seems to be less of an asshat! It's going to be great.

....Except that I have to move offices. I love my office. It's on the top floor and it's sunny all the time and there's a view of the river. My new office is literally underground and it's filthy and it smells funny. I am probably projecting all my anxiety about changing jobs and what if they don't like me and what if I'm not good enough and and and onto this, but there is a real element of I have depression, I am solar-powered, this is not an environment that's set up to optimize my success.

I'll bring in my wee natural-spectrum light and my tiny aromatherapy thing and maybe a plant and decorate my cube with colorful postcards, but I'm not sure what else I can do. Anyone have thoughts?
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