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Birthdate:Oct 28
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Gacked from [personal profile] erika's mental illness circling meme of mid-2011, here are some notes that may help you navigate this journal.

My identity or relevant information for new readers: I am a white, American, mid-twenties, cisgendered bisexual woman.

My diagnos[is/es]: Early onset dysthymic disorder. For those of you playing along with the rulebook, DSM-IV 300.4. (Diagnosed at age twenty; my first major dysthymic episode/period began at seventeen. The diagnosis was four-and-a-half years ago, as of this writing.) Associated anxiety, especially social, and SAD.

I typically write around this many entries a week: Somewhere between zero and two. Rarely two. I will go weeks without posting.

Other topics I discuss on my journal: This is my therapy journal, so everything is in someway related to therapy, mental illness, etc.

Interests / hobbies you have: Writing. Free weights. Dance.

I think mentally ill people are . . . a really big category.

The use of the word crazy by a non-mentally ill person . . . is not the barricade I choose to die on.

Anything else to share?: I have other Dreamwidth accounts. If you know of them, please do not associate them with this journal. If you don't, please don't ask me what they are; this is a space I choose not to link with my other usernames, and I expect you to respect that.

99% of the entries here are public. The occasional private-locked one is generally notes to myself about a public entry I plan to make. Do not ask for access; I won't grant it on request.

If I subscribe to your journal, it's probably for the posts about personal growth/mental illness/other relevant topics. Don't expect me to read every entry even on those topics; I'll skip the reading list here for weeks on end, and I only comment if I have something substantial to say. (I do count ♥ as substantial, though.)

I try to put text related to common triggers behind a cut and warn in the cut text. If I forget, it is an oversight, and I will always cut when asked.

[personal profile] elizabeth, 10 June 2011
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